UIE.com Discovery and Analysis 2017

Midway though 2017, I was assigned the initial work for a redesign of uie.com. I left the company before the work I completed for the project was developed. Here’s a look at the discovery work on this project.

What were Brian’s roles?

I was responsible for research and analysis of site analytics, search logs, combined with customer feedback and stakeholder input. I synthesized these into scenarios, design principles, a customer problem statement, and a project scope. After that there was a round of “inspiration research” (who else is solving problems like the ones we’ve identified?) and I lead a meeting of stakeholders to review this research and discuss what could be learned from it.

Who else was involved?

Jared Spool (CEO, founder) reviewed and approved each step of the project. Input and critique was gathered from other high level stakeholders. Two interns assisted with research.

The analysis deliverable was a Google Doc, which I’ve made available to read.

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