Enterprise Web App

From September 2017 through March 2018, I partnered with Cantina Consulting to research and design a greenfield enterprise app with a software company and its primary client in the healthcare industry. The app encompasses workflows that cover 90% of the client’s employees’ day. Due to the agreements, I am restricted from displaying these in my online portfolio.

What were Brian’s roles?

I began the project by planning and conducting research, in-person user interviews, stakeholder interviews and collaborative activities, creating personas and scenarios to document who we were building for. From there we built wireframes, high-fidelity interface comps (Sketch) and clickable prototypes (InVision), engaging with stakeholders for many rounds of feedback and iterative design.

Current status: Engagement concluded.

Who else was involved?

I primarily worked remotely with three other designers, and we interfaced with the product manager, a VP of engineering, a VP of strategy (who owned the roadmap and was a subject matter expert), a technical architect, and a project manager. We also worked with this company’s primary customer, and their business leads, and end users. Lastly, we coordinated with a change management organization who was contracting with the primary customer.

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