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Brian Christiansen is an Independent UX Designer and Instructional Designer in Greater Boston available for local and remote opportunities. His designs have processed millions of dollars in revenue annually, and been used by by tens of thousands over the past decade. I'm now sharing my expertise with remote and Boston-area teams.
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Professional Summary

I spent more than a decade designing and building sites and apps at CenterCentre/UIE for the most critical of audiences—other designers. Over the past year plus as an independent UX designer, I’ve worked with both with a small Macintosh software developer, and designed from scratch a large greenfield enterprise web app, a collaboration of three corporations, in the healthcare market.

With a broad foundation of skills and experience, I consider myself a generalist in the field, able to play many different roles in a team. I work along side specialists, able to fill skill gaps between team members, while keeping an eye on the project holistically.

I am a proponent of using open web technologies to produce accessible, progressively-enhanced, responsive designs. Holding a M.Ed. in Instructional Design, I enjoy working where design and learning intersect.

The skills I have used the most over the past decade of UX work include,

If your Boston-area or remote team could benefit from someone with my experience, please reach out.

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