Full Learning Site for Ecamm Live

From January through June of 2018, I contracted with Ecamm Networks to build a comprehensive learning site for their newest product, Ecamm Live 2, an innovative live streaming Mac app for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other services.

What were Brian’s roles?

I began the project by planning and conducting research, and user interviews, creating personas and scenarios to document who we were building for. With that knowledge in hand, we agreed upon a plan of what to write, and could then critique the materials, both content and delivery, against what we knew about our audience.

I wrote a detailed user manual for their product. Next, we determined the most important topics to take further in detailed tutorials for important tasks. I created tutorials as both a written text-based resource, and as the basis of several videos which we have partnered with a video professional to produce.

I designed a new system within the Ecamm web site in which to house the new learning materials. I built a fully functioning prototype with Jekyll. The prototype was so well received that they put it into production while applying the finishing touches to the design and development.

Current status: Live, after my contract ended, the client decided to spruce up the prototype instead of building out the full original design. Since that point, they’ve released a new version of the software and updated the materials.

Here are two current examples:

Who else was involved?

I worked remotely with a good deal of autonomy, but also collaborated closely with the company on many details. Ecamm Networks did additional backend development, as well as some front-end. We also collaborated with a video professional on the videos.

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