Something entitled, "Thoughts 2020 Aug 1"

I was digging through my Apple Notes looking for something else, and stumbled into this, in a folder I labeled “Journal” which appears to be a one-entry attempt, while on vacation with my family. Below I’ve pasted the entry in full.

Thoughts 2020 Aug 1

Williams Pond, Bucksport, Maine

There are no great men. Only great deeds. A man should be measured by his deeds.

There are no great nations. Nations may do great things. They should be judged by both the balance of the deeds, but also by the recency of their last great deed.

There are no great religions or mythology. There are only great morals, lessons, stories.

What’s the largest vessel that can be considered great? A novel? A song?


FWIW, I also only logged one entry into Apple’s Journal app for iPhone, as well. I’ve never been able to pick up the habit.