Started reading Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey on a lark today. It’s literally just dozens of short chapters detailing the typical daily habits of successful artists, writers, etc from the past 300 years. Pretty interesting. If anyone wants to tell you there’s a formula to efficiently produce creative work, this book suggests there are many paths to producing notable work.

Some artists get up at dawn and do not stop until 5000 words are written. Others don’t get up until 10 or later, loaf about and then write at night when inspiration strikes, sometimes under the influence of chemicals. Many held pedestrian jobs, such as at the post office or night shift supervisor at a power plant, and stole time here and there outside of work. One person didn’t even learn he was a morning person until a decade into his work!

So the answer seems to be “one size doesn’t fit all” and you should probably experiment.