Just a Few Things

Last year, against David Allen’s precept to keep all your to-dos in a single system, I decided after more than 10 years combined, I wanted my work and personal to-do’s in separate systems.

Secondly, my GTD system of choice Cultured Code’s Things, had become overloaded with 100s of items in my inbox alone.

I stopped putting personal items into Things, and began putting them into Apple Reminders. But I never went in and cleaned out the personal bits.

Bit by bit, I’ve been pulling items out of Things and finding them a new home in Reminders, or other places, such as added to an Apple Note.

Tonight, I was trying to move all my blog writing ideas from Things, and put them into my Reminders.app Writing list. I opened one item and found 1,225 words of a post in the notes. Did I write this in Things?

How old are some of these items in Things? One music topic suggests I link to an Rdio playlist.