Spring Cleaning in December

The other day, I opened up Safari and asked myself, what am I doing with these hundred bookmarks that I never use? Poking around, some date back 15 years or more. Now I have like 8. It felt like I imagine spring cleaning might feel like if I ever did that (or perhaps didn’t have a massive allergy to dust).

Inspired, I then went into my RSS news reader, and started removing things I mostly ignore. Was able to pare that down to the basics, maybe one-eighth what it used to be. Then, I looked at my micro.blog feed. I’ve been adding Mastodon accounts of people I’ve followed on Twitter forever. Some of those are relatively high-frequency and from people I don’t typically interact with. Since Mastodon automatically outputs a standard RSS feed, I decided to move those people to my RSS a news reader, and remove them from my micro.blog timeline. But, like most things, this is an experiment to monitor. Right now, several of these feeds are not updating in the news reader. I’m not sure how I’m going to troubleshoot this. 🤔