Director's Commentary

I’ve been thinking about why I took a few months to publish my Tesla review, and I think I figured it out. I had wanted to share it in the Reddit Tesla community. I had spent a few weeks browsing there to prepare myself before my time in the car, and enjoyed it. But since some of the review was critical, I think I was scared I’d get flamed. I think some of that is due to the fandom of Elon. And this was August I was thinking of publishing… it might be even more likely to get flames now, given how defensive some people are being about that man. Oh well, if it gets put on Reddit now, it’ll be because someone else submitted it.

I think another contributor to delay was that draft one was over 2,600 words, and I knew it needed a lot of editing to be readable. You could argue it could use a few more edits. I actually cut a whole section on how horrible the Hertz rental experience was. I’m pretty sure they overcharged me, there was a fiasco with my credit card, and the Union Station DC physical location is an absolute dump (although the person who helped me was actually a really nice guy).

Anyhow, I had an hour and an iPad, Magic Keyboard case, and iA Writer while I waited for my son at his drum lesson, so I plowed through edits, and took another 10 or so minutes later that night and just shipped it. Thanks for listening to my Director’s Commentary for a blog post.