Have a nice trip, Jason

Jason Kottke is taking a sabbatical from his landmark blog.

Kottkedotorg holds a lot of meaning to me. Jason is probably the first person I regularly followed online, in the late 90s—early 00s… maybe Zeldman was the second. In the last several years, my reading of his site has gone way way down. I’ll pop in only a few times a year, if I’m honest. Right now I have 365 unread RSS items in his feed, with this post as the most recent. Every time I dip back in, I feel as though I never left, and I ask myself, why I did leave?

Funny, I wish I could take a sabbatical from work and blog and create art. He’s taking a sabbatical from something I’d take a sabbatical to do!

Good luck, Jason. Your writing is valued, and important. I hope you find what you are looking for.