Links of Note -- 16 January 2022

This past week I’ve had significant trouble getting my weather station software to run on macOS Monterey. Seeing a weather station with no moving parts that takes care of uploading its data to the cloud all by itself is looking pretty attractive right now.

This volcano in the South Pacific that caused a tsunami that went up rivers in California is an incredible story. This NYT article has a video collage of satellite and other footage which is pretty impressive.

My Twitter account turned 15 this year. I guess next year it can get its drivers license.

Had a lot of trouble with Apple Messages recently, as well as CarPlay. iOS 15.2.1 claimed to fix both. So far so good. At the same time, my phone has been having difficulty joining the cellular network when I drive away from our WiFi network, which is further complicated by the fact that we live in a dark zone so we have no usable reception until we’re a minute or two down the road. It appears that the difficulty is from our service having trouble connecting, so we’ve disabled it over cellular. It’s been a great service, especially for free. I hope CloudFlare straightens it out. Still using it with our home router which is still fast and stable.

Rumors are swirling about Apple working on wireless headphones that support lossless music. Currently this is not possible over wireless headphones. I would find it difficult not to upgrade my AirPods for these. The current AirPods Pro (which my wife adores) do weird things to my ear canal pressure, so I’ve stuck with the 2nd generation AirPods, and they sound great for what they are. But I love Apple Music’s lossless support on my speakers (AirPlay to my Sonos speakers) and look forward to enjoying it in my headphones and while we are at it, direct support for lossless in the Sonos app, so it doesn’t burn my phone’s battery.