Resolve 2022 — On the Web Edition

I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions, but there are things lately I’ve resolved to work on, so why not share?

Over the last week, I’ve been working to take down my parents’ hardware store website, as they have retired. I had not touched web code or server settings in a couple of years, as my current job doesn’t ask that of me, and I’ve been trying to keep my off-work hours away from staring into a computer display.

After remembering how to do everything, like editing DNS Zone files, I migrated all of my web work, including their site, off a long time Media Temple server to a completely serverless environment at Netlify.

Now that I am warmed up, I feel like I should maintain my momentum, and start rebuilding my portfolio site. Jekyll is a great tool, but it appears to have plateaued. I set up my portfolio site when I was an independent designer, and had the homepage setup to be the blog home. The intent was to keep fresh content available that could show potential clients how I think. As so many before me have failed to keep writing, so did I. I wrote a total of two posts. One was about starting up the writing habit again, the other about being available for new work! Sad trombone.wav

My new plan is to rejigger… everything. First of all, I think I will move my primary URL to this, and also I look forward to customizing this blog template a bit.

Then I will rebuild the portfolio on another domain, now that I own both the .net and .com for my full name. Jekyll’s spiritual successor feels like Eleventy to me, and since I have some developer friends who are excited about it, and it’s almost the official SSG of Netlify, it feels like a logical next step.

I will remove the blog component of the portfolio, and update my resume info to reflect what I’ve been doing for the past two and a half years. Much of that I cannot show publicly, but I will also create some private examples to keep on hand, just in case opportunity comes knocking. Then I’ll go around the web (by this, I think I mostly mean LinkedIN) and point at the new URL, while also linking from my personal blog, since this has been the URL for my portfolio for so long.

I feel that my Twitter account has been my online persona for so long, and that content is 90% personal, it seems I should put the 90% personal blog at the URL that matches. This leaves my professional work attached to my name. It’s a plan.

Speaking of plans, the thing I tell myself every year is that I’d like to write more. That holds for this year as well. I’d like one long form post a week here. One a month would also make me happy. I have non-web related plans, including exercising more and doing more with music. Perhaps I’ll wrote about these, as well.