October Music

The last month has been full of music. Before I get into all the new-to-me stuff I came across, I want to make sure you’re aware of one my favorites from the last few years. 🎵

Have I told you about Lydian Collective? I discovered their funky jazz-fusion trying to find more music like the Monument Valley and Alto’s Odyssey soundtracks. Todd Baker worked on both sound tracks which led me to the band he plays in, Lydian Collective!

While you can stream them on your streaming service of choice, or watch them on YouTube (definitely check out their performance with an orchestra), as an up and coming group, they still use Bandcamp. They made a version of their album Adventure available which each instrument removed. If you’re a fan and play one of their instruments, you can buy a copy with sheet music and play along.

Fantastic music I’ve come across the past month:

Scary Pockets started as a YouTube project of funk covers of pop songs. It is the brainchild of Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte. You may be familiar with Conte—he is the founder and CEO of Patreon.