Recent Links of Note - April 17, 2021

Sometimes doing something impactful isn’t the result of being more clever, sometimes it’s just setting yourself down to do the things other people just won’t. Saw this linked in a few places this past week.

I wouldn’t put myself in the category of Swiftie by any stretch, although my daughters love her. I continue to be fascinated with the professional who is Taylor Swift. Discount her talents and guile at your own peril. After the recent news of her re-recording her past albums that she did not own the masters to, I finally watched her Netflix documentary with the family (warning, occasional coarse language) and also enjoyed this Ben Thompson piece on Taylor’s recent business moves from a business perspective.

Continuing in music, I read this article about a Boston based band, Really From that toes the line between indie rock and jazz, with prominent brass, and apparently in a previous incarnation they were a punk band? That pops through on occasion. (Don’t be scared off my the mention of “ska”, if ska offends you. In two albums I only heard one short flourish that brought that comparison to mind.)

I pulled up their self-titled most recent, and “Verse” their previous album. Interesting stuff with good musicianship and lush layering. Hard to guess where the songs turn next, which is refreshing.

And finally, a reminder that Craig Mod is an interesting writer and creator. I explored some of his work this week, after being reminded of him through his appearance in John Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast.