Adieu HomePod

We love our one HomePod (full size) in the kitchen. It feels heavy like a good speaker should. It produces rich sound and low-end — but to be fair it’s a bit bassy in certain situations, and there’s no sound adjustments. The microphones can hear you well at a distance.

I am sad to see the original HomePod discontinued. I agree with Gruber that the market didn’t want to pay that price for them. If they could have sold them for $200, they may have had a hit. It appears the $99 HomePod mini is a hit. I’d love to hear what a pair sound like… but one HomePod is enough for our home. We have Sonos around the rest of the house. Pro tip: A HomePod makes a great central controller for Sonos (or any decent AirPlay 2 enabled) speakers.