Newsletters via Feed Readers

When I am in my inbox, I’m not in a mindset of reading for pleasure, or for learning. My inbox has all sorts of other distractions within it. The the renaissance of email newsletters, there are many interesting sources popping up of late.

Jason Snell had a post the other day saying he’s found a way to subscribe to newsletters within his feed reader, which is web-based and has the capability to receive email.

I’d sure like to be able to move all my email newsletters to a feed reader. This is a really clever way to do it. However I gave up a web backend to RSS a long time ago. I use News Explorer with iCloud sync between devices exclusively. It’d be awesome for a reader app to extend the Sign In With Apple so you could anonymously subscribe to newsletters with the Apple proxy email, and then display their delivery within the feed reader… each newsletter receiving an independent “feed”.