About the Author:

I’m Brian Christiansen and I’ll be your host on this weblog. You can find a general directory of me across the Internets at the root of this domain. I have been blogging since 2001 and currently have three four different blogs, listed there. You can will also find a brief biography and a résumé, where you can learn about my day job, and other information. I am a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, enrolled in the Instructional Design program.

About this weblog:

The impetus for this site is to take research and observations from my day to day work on the web and compare and contrast what I learn in my master’s program in Instructional Design and Technology.

In my experience, the general use of technology in education is behind on the evolutionary curve. The story is the same when it comes to (information/communication/visual) design of technology in education. I enrolled in grad school to explore this theory and see what I can do to address it.

With the power of the Internet, especially the open and free spread of information, no segment should lag behind another. Costs have become negligible, all that’s needed is knowledge, talent and motivation. Yet, if you’ve ever taken an online class, or used a web course management package, you’ll know that the visual design, usability, and the overall experience is simply lacking.

Let’s see what we can do about that.

I have a wide range of interests that I’m looking to apply in the educational realm.

Tech and interests:

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