Monthly Archives: August 2009

Flat World Redefining Textbook Publishing for the Better

Flat World Publishers are putting out textbooks for free on the web, and making money. Oh, and students actually like it. Sound stupid? Sounds like the future to me. Textbook publishing is a racket. Publishers extort billions from students bi-annually (or more often) by selling them required texts for their classes. Flat World comes in [...]

Emerging Media and Communication at UT Dallas

A new program in Emerging Media and Communication at UT Dallas looks very interesting. The Emerging Media and Communication degree prepares the “communicators of the twenty-first century.” These new communicators will combine technological expertise with effective communication skills across a wide range of media, developing “new media literacy” in response to the digital revolution that [...]

Tech Etiquette or Using the Right Tool for the Job

Imagine you have a house party and you invite 25 people you’re friendly with. They don’t all know each other, but there’s a good cross over. Interesting connections are being made and lively chat is spontaneously popping up all over the house. Then something strange happens. Someone you met fairly recently, who seemed pretty cool, [...]