Monthly Archives: May 2008

Howard’s First SMC Update

Howard has posted his first update on the Social Media Classroom project. Another nice overview of all the hard work we’re putting in. More coming soon! (In case you missed it, here was my latest update)


The following post is an introduction of this blog to my classmates in my 619 class. It generally is otherwise pretty hard to find on this blog. Hopefully.

Schools Dropping a Day Due to Gas Prices

Many community colleges, especially in rural America, are dropping Friday classes to save their students gas money. Meridian Community College President Scott Elliott says his students, who on average drive 30 miles round-trip to campus, could save $200 or more a semester based on recent pump prices. “When you’re … working a minimum-wage job and [...]

Internet Access in the Classroom

A debate that has been going around in the educational community since WiFi became popular and students started showing up to class with their laptops is about their use of that access in the classroom. The University of Chicago in April announced its law school was turning off the WiFi during class time. The University [...]

The SMC Project Revealed

Click the screen icon to watch full-screen or click here to see a medium-large size on’s main site. The last month has been incredibly busy for me. One of the things that was keeping me busy was working on this video/screencast introducing the Social Media Classroom to the world. And now, just after making [...]