Webcam Options

Thanks for tuning into my backyard cam, you must be supremely bored.

These are your options for viewing the webcam:

A simple link to the latest image.
This will not refresh as new pictures are taken.
Auto-Refresh Page,
Reloads automatically every 6 minutes.
Auto-Refresh Page JS,
Reloads automatically every 6 minutes, using JavaScript.
Auto-Refresh Page Java,
Reloads automatically every 6 minutes, using Java.

What's the difference? Well, if you don't know, go from the first choice down until one works the way you'd like. They are in decending order from the least intensive to the most, in regards to the work your system needs to do.

Why a webcam?

This cam's main function is so that my family and I may see what the weather's like outside our back windows, especially in the winter.

Don't be surprised: cam may be offline at any time without warning, as conditions permit, etc. For example, the cam isn't on at night. No need. Refresh times may vary. Your milage may vary. Consult your doctor. Consult your lawyer. Consult your clergyman.

Lastly, because you didn't ask: iSight, EvoCam, Mac OS X, G5.